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Get Building: A Guide to Chicago’s Legoland Discovery Center

Fun for parents and kids alike, Chicago’s Legoland Discovery Center is a one-of-a-kind attraction with guaranteed smiles, learning, and laughter. The next time you plan a fun-filled outing, check out everything Legoland has to offer. From its location to an activity rundown, here’s everything you need to know before you go.

How and where you can buy tickets

There are two ways to buy tickets. You can either opt to buy them at the door, or you can purchase tickets online. Tickets bought at the door cost a little more, so be wary. If your family is full of Lego-fanatics, you may want to buy some annual passes. It greatly lowers the price for repeat visitors, and you’ll also get some great discounts in the Discovery Center.

Where it’s located

Good news for those in Schaumburg—the Legoland Discovery Center is located right in The Streets of Woodfield. It’s a breeze to find, just look for the giant Lego sculpture outside the building. Once you find it, the interactive fun can begin.

All about the attractions

With all the logistics figured out, it’s time to check out the facility. Unsurprisingly, you’ll see a lot of Legos. From the life-sized Pirate Adventure Island to the jaw-dropping Miniland, there’s no end to what you and your kids can gawk at. There’s a total of 12 attractions, two of which are exciting rides suitable for kids.

Interactive activities

While there are many things to look at, there are just as many attractions to play with. There are, of course, a plethora of Legos to build to your heart’s content. This allows for some fun free-play with more Legos at your child’s fingertips than they’ll know what to do with. Alongside this traditional play, there are also the rides. For magic-obsessed kids, there’s the mystical Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. If they’re more into knights and princesses, Kingdom Quest is sure to entertain.

Guide to birthday parties

A birthday party at the Legoland Discovery Center is surely an ultimate dream for most kids. With the right planning, you can make it come true. The center offers a comprehensive birthday party package, which includes admission, food and beverages, and Lego models for each guest. The next time your kid is bouncing off the walls with energy, go somewhere outside the norm. Equal parts educational and interactive, there’s an abundance of reasons the Legoland Discovery Center is a great destination. Best of all, it promises hours of fun for both you and your child.
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