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Signs Your Company Needs New Product Packaging

The packaging of your product is equally as important as the product inside, because the packaging is really what sells your product. In fact, according to Ipsos, 72% of Americans say that the design of a product’s packaging influences their purchasing decision. So, obviously, consumers care about packaging—but how do you know if the products in your store in or near Woodfield Mall need new packaging? We’ll help you answer that question with these signs your company needs new product packaging.

If Your Packaging Doesn’t Align with Your Overall Brand

Your product’s packaging should align with the overall brand of your business, and your retail store. For example, think about the Apple store and Hot Topic in Woodfield Mall; just imagine walking into the Apple store, yet it’s dark and loud like Hot Topic. Picture this: you buy a new iPhone and the Apple store employee hands you an iPhone in a black coffin-shaped package. You would probably feel uncomfortable, right? That’s because those factors don’t align with Apple’s brand. Apple has bright, simple, and clean designs, and their packaging demonstrates that.

Your Product Looks Average-at-Best on Shelves

Think about anytime you’ve walked down the condiment aisle at any grocery store; how could you possibly choose which mustard to get when they all look the same? If your product looks mediocre on the shelf, you need to update your packaging. An average-looking product makes consumers feel unmotivated to purchase, and your product will look outdated. So, to avoid an average-looking product, consider a clean and simple design. You can’t go wrong with that kind of look; it’s one of the 2020 product packaging trends, after all.

The Cost of Packaging is Eating Away at Your Revenue

You should invest in good packaging; however, your packaging shouldn’t devour your revenue, either. If you’re comfortable with the high cost of your product’s packaging, you’ve probably fallen into the mindset of “this is what we’ve always done.” Unfortunately, that mindset can cost the company too much money over time, and even just saving a few pennies per package can add up quickly.
Given your business has a retail location in or near Woodfield, you have tons of competition, and standing out is crucial. If any of these signs your company needs new product packaging sound like they apply to your business, you’re not alone. However, you need to update your packaging sooner than later, otherwise you will fall behind in the market.
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