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5 Best Pizza Places in Schaumburg

Whether you need to refuel after a great day of shopping or you just have a hankering for some Chicago-style pizza, don't worry about driving into the city. Schaumburg is the area’s haven for a taste of the signature slice. Read on to find some of the best pizza places in Schaumburg.

Get a Taste of the Old Country

Take your family to the Old Town Pizza Co. and eat until you can’t any more. This amazing pizza place is known for their deep-dish pizza that tests the heftiest of appetites. Many people also love their perfectly portioned thin crust pizza that has just the right amount of toppings and crunch from the crust. No matter what kind of slice you’re looking for, Old Town Pizza Co. is the place to stop.

Grab a Slice from Mama’s Table

Deliciousness is synonymous with Mama Maria Pizza and More, so let this pizza transport you to an Italian dinner table with Mama Maria. Choose from thin crust, hand tossed, or deep dish and add a mountain of the best toppings. Grab a small pizza for a quick bite, or grab an XL for your entire team. No matter what you decide, it will be amazing!

Taste a Little Slice of Sicily 

This pizza will whisk you off to Italy—Little Sicily Pizzeria and Bakery embodies old country flavors. Their amazing pizza will hit the spot if you just want to grab a slice for lunch or you need a choice for dinner that pleases everyone. Many people say you have to try the double dough, but any option is great.

Discover “The” Chicago Deep Dish

For many, Lou Malnati’s is the quintessential Chicago pizzeria, and for good reason. Lou’s has an amazing selection of pizza crusts and toppings. You can create almost any combination of flavors that taste delicious. When it comes to deep dish specifically, Lou Malnati’s gives you all the cheese you can handle—maybe even more.

Discover “The” Chicago Deep Dish, Again 

If you don’t believe our last entry is the best Chicago deep dish, then you may believe Giordano’s is. Giordano’s food speaks for itself. With remarkably fresh toppings and the warmest, gooiest cheese in their pizza, you’ll be in nirvana. They lay the cheese on so thick you might not make it through two slices—good luck getting through a whole pie!

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