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Apple Surprised Us with the Release of the 2019 iPod Touch

For the past few months, the nation speculated what Apple would bring next to the table in terms of hardware, and seemingly out of nowhere comes the 2019 iPod Touch. Just when we thought Apple would end this product line, they released a new and improved version a few days ago. This is the first time they’ve announced a new iPod Touch in four years.

First and foremost, the seventh generation iPod Touch has an upgraded chip. Although the A10 Fusion chip isn’t as powerful as the one in today’s new iPhone, it’s more powerful than the A8 chip from the previous iPod Touch. With this new chip, the device operates twice as fast, and the graphics capabilities are three times what they were before. Additionally, Apple now offers a 256 GB storage option for the iPod Touch; previously, the device’s largest capacity was 160 GB. The extra storage is said to be perfect for those with dozens of music files.

Finally, the new iPod Touch runs on iOS 12, which means the device supports augmented reality experiences, Group FaceTime calls, Screen Time, and more. With this product launch, Apple also introduces Apple Arcade, which they plan to launch this fall. This is a gaming service that offers hundreds of new games that you can play whenever, and they don’t contain ads or in-app purchases. 

Best of all, the 2019 iPod Touch looks and feels the same as its predecessors. It’s thin, lightweight, and it features the beloved four-inch screen, as well as a physical home button. The device also comes in six vibrant colors: blue, gold, pink, red, space gray, and white.

The new iPod Touch starts at $199 for the 32 GB storage option, and the 256 GB storage option is $399. Online orders started Tuesday, and you can now pick up your device at the Apple Store in Woodfield Mall.
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