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All the News from Apple's WWDC19 Keynote Event

Apple held its annual WWDC keynote event at the San Jose Convention Center earlier this month. The event featured a look at the future of Apple’s devices and software. Here’s everything we learned at Apple’s WWDC19 keynote event.

New Mac Pro 

Apple revealed the new Mac Pro, which features a cheese grater-like design. The new Mac is said to have a processor designed for:
production rendering
simulating an iOS device on multiple devices at once

This will all be powered by the new 28-core Intel Xeon processor, which features 300 watts of power. The new Mac Pro, which will start at $5,999, will also have up to 1.5TB of memory.

Pro Display XDR

Apple’s new monitor for the Mac Pro will be a 32-inch LCD display. The Pro Display XDR will also feature:
20 million pixels
Retina 6K (6,016 x 3,384) resolution
1,000,000:1 contrast ratio

The Pro Display XDR will be priced at $4,999, with the nano-texture version costing $5,999.

iOS Dark Mode

Another exciting announcement made at Apple’s WWDC19 Keynote Event was the dark mode capability coming to iOS. This capability will give your entire iOS device a dark mode display.

Faster Performance

iPhone users will now get a 30% faster Face ID unlock, and app downloads will be 50% smaller. Furthermore, app updates will be 60% smaller, and app launch speed will be twice as fast.

iOS 13 Apps

Safari will allow you to quickly change text sizing, while Mail will offer desktop class text formatting controls with support for rich fonts. Notes will be getting a new gallery view and other new features.


Apple will now offer a new login feature that will allow you to sign in to apps with Apple instead of with Facebook or Google. Signing in with Apple’s Face ID will help you avoid unwanted tracking. More importantly, the sign-in won’t reveal any personal information to the app: you’ll even have the option to hide your email address from the app with a unique random address that will forward to your real address.

Memoji Stickers

Emojis have been taken to a new level with Memoji. You can personalize them with a sticker pack, and they’ll be available in the system keyboard across multiple apps in A9 or greater devices.

New Apple Watch Apps

The entire Apple App Store and apps such as Apple Books, Voice Memos, and Calculator will soon be available on the Apple Watch. Independent apps will also be coming to the Apple Watch, as well as extended runtime API and streaming audio API.


Apple introduced an operating system designed specifically for iPads. You’ll also be able to plug in USB and SD cards to new iPads.

No More iTunes

Shortly before the event, Apple announced that they would be phasing out iTunes. At the event, they announced that three separate apps would take the place of iTunes: Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

MacOS Catalina

At the end of the keynote, Apple revealed that the next MacOS will be called Catalina. The new OS, coming this fall, will feature new desktops apps, iPad apps, and more.

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