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5 Amazing BBQ Restaurants to Visit in Schaumburg

When it’s time for lunch or dinner, the Woodfield area of Schaumburg offers so many dining options that just figuring out where to go can be a daunting task.  The list of options is seemingly endless, but when BBQ is on your mind, there’s nowhere better to be than Schaumburg. Here are five BBQ restaurants in Schaumburg you should definitely check out.

Best Truckin’ BBQ

Specializing in beef brisket, pulled pork, and BBQ chicken, this food truck rolls through Chicagoland with their delicious offerings. Try the smoked chicken sliders and a side of cheese fries, which are topped with pulled pork and dusted with a secret homemade rub.

SGD Dubu Tofu & BBQ

Veterans of Korean-style BBQ as well as adventurous eaters looking for something new will love SGD, which takes convenience food to a whole new level. Pick your meat, your spice level, and a side of rice or noodles. SGD’s offerings are easy, fast, and delicious.

92 Town

Thinly sliced beef ribeye and mountains of fresh vegetables are the specialties at this Korean-style BBQ spot. The extensive lunch and dinner menu also features several Korean rice wines and beers for you to try.

Weber Grill Restaurant

Weber Grill is great for casual dining, serving up all-American classics such as burgers, ribeye steaks, roasted chicken, and salmon. The smokehouse also has 12-hour smoked brisket, BBQ ribs, and pork Milanesa for those who are in the mood for rich, smoky flavors. A full bar is available for drinks and appetizers during happy hour. 

Blackwood BBQ

Blackwood BBQ is making a name for itself in the Chicagoland area as the place to go for authentic, Southern-style barbecue. You can order beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken, burnt ends, or even jackfruit, if you follow a vegan diet. Their smoked meats can be piled high on a bun, served on a platter, or wrapped in a tortilla. They offer many different BBQ styles, including Alabama, Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas City, and South Carolina. Blackwood BBQ is coming soon to the Woodfield area, but it already has locations in Chicago proper.

6 Summer Fashion Trends at the Woodfield Mall

Recent runway shows rolled out this summer’s fashion trends. This year we see retro looks make a modern reappearance, as well as light, airy fashion staples. This article will explore these fashion trends and where to find them—the Woodfield Mall will be your one-stop shop to build your summer wardrobe.

1. Shoulder Bags

The fanny pack, after a short-lived resurgence, was quickly pushed out of the limelight by the shoulder bag. Compact and stylish, these bags are easy to carry and can go with just about anything. For a solid-colored shoulder bag, Fossil has an assortment of options. Many of their bags also come with a removable shoulder strap to make your bag versatile and current.

2. Puffy Shoulders

The 80’s called, and they want you to have their puffy sleeves. Dresses with simple cuts and dramatic sleeves are all the rage right now, appealing to high-fashion consumers. Akira features runway-style statement pieces, so they’ve jumped on the puffy sleeve trend. While you’re there, check out a pair of chunky heeled sandals to complete the look.

3. Linen Trousers

High waisted linen trousers are comfortable and fashionable. They adorn mannequins everywhere, though stores may have a difficult time keeping them on the rack. Mustard is the color of the season, and Forever 21 is always aware of what’s in. Stop in to pick up a pair of summer’s favorite pants in summer’s favorite color.

4. Scrunchies

Dramatic hair ties are in vogue right now, so you’re sure to see them everywhere. Either with scrunchies or large ribbons, your ponytail will be noticeable from all angles. Charming Charlie is everyone’s favorite color-coordinated haven, and they carry an assortment of colorful hair accessories.

5. Solid-Colored Staples

We’re seeing a lot of bold colors this summer, especially neon. People dressing head to toe in eye catching outfits are sure to brighten even the dreariest days. New York and Company is an excellent resource for your basic fashion staples—with a variety of colors, you only need a few pieces to create a variety of looks.

6. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats made their way into this year’s summer trends, and it isn’t uncommon to see one paired with a loose-fitting button down with cuffed jeans or a summer dress. Lord & Taylor has caught onto their popularity and offers them in several styles. If you want at least one “it” item this summer, the bucket hat is the one to get.

Schaumburg Nightlife: 6 Great Places for a Night Out

During the day, Schaumburg features a large variety of shops and restaurants. At night, however, the suburb doesn’t slow down. Whether you’re unfamiliar with the area, or regularly on the hunt for a new favorite hangout, you’re sure to love the six locations on this list.

1. The Dinner Detective

Do you love a mystery? How about good food? If you answered yes to both of these, this is the experience you’ve been waiting for. The Dinner Detective is an interactive murder mystery event. Guests will witness a murder and immediately become involved in the storyline—some may even turn into suspects. Actors hide amongst the audience, which adds to the guests’ feeling as though they are a part of the narrative. Book your tickets now for a night of murder and comedy.

2. Seasons 52

Everyone enjoys the elegant feeling that comes with relaxing in a wine bar. Seasons 52 offers that experience, featuring a stunning bar and beautifully presented dishes. They use only the freshest ingredients in their meals—nothing frozen. This location is an excellent option for anyone looking for a healthy meal and a great drink.

3. Westwood Tavern

At Westwood Tavern, feel free to unwind in a leather lounge chair and let all the stress that’s built up over the week roll off your shoulders. Some of the tables feature beer taps so that you can refill your own drink as needed. If you would prefer to relax outside, you can sit on their incredible patio next to one of the fire pits.

4. Punch Bowl Social

The giant assortment of activities at Punch Bowl Social makes it something of an adult playground. To begin, guests can order a drink and play some boards games while waiting on their food. Over the rest of the evening, one can visit the arcade, have a private karaoke party with friends, or even visit one of the Punch Bowl’s eight bowling lanes.

5. BeerHead Bar and Eatery

With a selection of over 500 craft beers, anyone visiting BeerHead Bar and Eatery is sure to find an option tailored to their tastes. Live music oftentimes enhances the ambiance, so if you enjoy discovering local talents, this is the place to visit. Check BeerHead’s calendar for any future events as they often have musical guests as well as educational beer tastings.

6. Chicago Improv

Located at the Woodfield Mall, Chicago Improv is an excellent resource for any comedy fans. The club hosts some of the top names in comedy, which you can enjoy in conjunction with an excellent dinner. The location also rents out private rooms for those looking to host an event of their own.

5 of the Best Places for Desserts in Schaumburg

Dessert—the most important meal of the day! If you thoroughly enjoy indulging in a deliciously sweet snack, Schaumburg has various options for you to choose from. Perfect for anybody with a sweet tooth, we’ve compiled a list of the best places for dessert in Schaumburg.

1. Cream Bar

601 N Martingale Rd #165, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Who doesn’t like an ice cream sandwich? Cream Bar specializes in made-to-order ice cream sandwiches—choose from freshly baked decadent cookies or brownies. Their homemade ice cream is to die for and to top it off, they have a variety of toppings you can add on!

2. Tous Les Jours

20 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173
This bakery and café is the perfect spot for an Instagram-worthy moment. Snap a shot with their colorful macarons or relax in their cute shop and indulge in a Blueberry Yogurt Cloud Cream Cake. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to leave satisfied and stuffed with scrumptious sweets.

3. Cheesecake Factory

53 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173
Cheesecake is the perfect way to end your meal—with 37 different flavors, every person in the family is sure to find a slice they enjoy! If you’re not feeling cheesecake, check out their moist Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake or their Apple Tart.

4. Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe

1405 W Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60194
A comforting and laid-back atmosphere, Sprinkles Ice Cream Shoppe is a mom and pop shop beloved by Schaumburg residents. With 48 premium ice cream flavors, they have people consistently returning to get a scoop of the good stuff. Load your cone with 12 scoops or take it easy with a single scoop and enjoy the delectable flavor.

5. Oberweis Ice Cream and Dairy Store

30 Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193
This ice cream shop envelops visitors in a bright and happy atmosphere from the moment they open the doors. Oberweis uses only the finest ingredients, allowing them to make super-premium ice cream. Enjoy their freshly baked waffle cones with a scoop of their famous Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream.

5 of the Best Brunch Restaurants in Schaumburg

Often enjoyed with friends on a relaxed morning, brunch is known for its delicious blend of breakfast and lunch dishes. If you live near the Schaumburg area, you’re in luck. In this lively town, you’ll find amazing brunch restaurants around every corner. From traditional family-owned eateries to modern cafés—these are the best brunch restaurants in Schaumburg.

Egg Harbor Café

Egg Harbor Café is a family-owned company that serves carefully sourced, high-quality food in a modern farmhouse setting. They are dedicated to serving delicious food made with ingredients you can trust. Their creative menu includes Cinnamon Roll French Toast and a Lobster Scrambler made with cage-free eggs.

Checkers Pancake House

Checkers Pancake House is known for its mouth-watering daily specials and efficient, friendly service. Their menu includes fresh-squeezed orange juice and a huge array of old-fashioned pancakes, waffles, crepes, and skillets. In addition, they also serve a variety of Russian- and Ukrainian-style pancakes called blintzes.

JoJo’s Restaurant

Whether you enjoy rich, savory meals or lighter fare, JoJo’s Restaurant has options to satisfy any taste. At this casual and affordable brunch destination, you’ll find unique twists on traditional favorites: Blueberry Bliss pancakes, Cali Crepes, an Ole Omelette, and a Fiesta Skillet.

Wildberry Pancakes and Café

This tasteful brunch location offers fresh-baked breads and delicious dishes made with farm-fresh ingredients. Noteworthy highlights on their menu include Vegan Breakfast Hash, Blackberry Key Lime Pie Pancakes, and Creamy Nutella Crepes.

Corner Bakery Café

Corner Bakery Café’s prepared-to-order dishes are inspired by amazing fresh ingredients. They’re dedicated to maintaining their traditions and values, so all their delicious dishes are crafted in real kitchens rather than on assembly lines. Customer favorites include their breakfast paninis made with artisan breads and their array of freshly-baked sweets.

The next time you find yourself in the area, make sure that you check out one of these best brunch restaurants in Schaumburg—you won’t regret it.

4 of the Best Parks Surrounding Woodfield

As warm weather approaches at last, it’s time to unpack the spring jackets and tennis shoes. Whether you like to visit parks for exercise or simply to enjoy the serenity of the crisp outdoor air, your mind and body are sure to be rejuvenated after a trip to the park. There are a variety of parks surrounding Woodfield that warrant a visit; listed are a few stand-outs.

1. Veteran’s Gateway Park

This half-acre park was created in honor of all the individuals who have served in the U.S. military. The gateway features a clock tower surrounded by flags, benches, memorial quotations, and beautiful plants. The park is within walking distance of the Schaumburg Town Square, so visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone from a nearby shop while they enjoy a short reprieve from life’s daily bustle.

2. Volkening Heritage Farm

Volkening Heritage Farm is a charming, educational experience. The park is modeled after the farms of the 1880s, when Schaumburg was still a German farming community. Staff members wear period-appropriate clothing and offer visitors the option to help them with farm chores. Guests can also visit the livestock or simply walk the grounds and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

3. Bison’s Bluff Nature Playground

This unique park in Schaumburg is a hit with children of all ages. The grounds include slides, rock climbing walls, a treehouse-style fort, and tunnels, among other attractions. The park also features hiking trails for you and your children to enjoy as well as several streams and other water-related attractions—sandals are advised.

4. Volkening Lake

If you enjoy working out, Volkening Lake has a beautiful outdoor fitness area featuring exercise equipment you can use while enjoying a stunning view of the lake. Small boats are welcome on the lake as long as all boaters wear life jackets. Whether you want to picnic, fish, or sit and read a book, Volkening Lake offers a breathtaking background for your favorite activity.

5 of the Most Interesting Places to Eat in Schaumburg

What’s a visit to Schaumburg without grabbing some grub? If you’re unsure of where to go to satisfy your hunger, we can help you out. Below, we mention five of the most interesting places to eat in Schaumburg.
  1. Bahama Breeze Island Grille

    Located right off Golf Road, Bahama Breeze offers delectable Caribbean-inspired cuisine. If you feel like munching on tropical food, consider making a pit stop here for scrumptious seafood and handcrafted drinks. You’ll also enjoy the live music every evening, and the beachy décor will have you feeling like you’re on your dream island vacation. Bahama Breeze has such a lively atmosphere—it’s no wonder people continually come back!

  2. Texas de Brazil

    Are you in the mood for mouthwatering cuts of chicken, pork, or steak? Make your way to this Brazilian-style steakhouse. You can also dine on deliciously fresh veggies. Their salad bar is perfect for vegetarians and vegans! Locals love this place due to its exceptional customer service.

  3. Brousko

    Brousko is proud to present their guests with authentic, beautifully plated Greek cuisine. Select from hot and cold appetizers, grilled meat and seafood, pasta, and desserts that accurately represent the Greek Islands. This restaurant does a wonderful job at transporting their customers overseas through their traditional food, live entertainment, and stylish interior. Whether you choose to go to Brousko for lunch or dinner, you’re certain to leave happy.

  4. Kuma’s Corner

    Originally a Chicago gem, Kuma’s Corner recently expanded to the suburbs with a special mission for its customers: bang your head, eat beef, and support your community. This restaurant is famous for its meaty burgers named after beloved hard rock and heavy metal bands. From the Iron Maiden and the Led Zeppelin to the Metallica and the Slayer, it’s hard to settle on just one! They also offer an impressive beer selection. Plus, thanks to donations from their superfans, Kuma’s supports a different charity each month. If you’re ready to devour food that is as intense as the most celebrated heavy metal music, then you’re in for a real treat.

  5. Pac Man Entertainment

    When it comes to social gatherings, Pac Man Entertainment—nestled inside Woodfield Mall—offers the whole package. Here, you can bowl, play arcade games, and choose from brunch food, lunch and dinner entrées, and shareables. Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday or a soon-to-be bride or groom, this is the place to bring your crew!

5 of the Best Beauty Shops in Woodfield | Shop Schaumburg

You don’t need to have an extravagant taste or a wallet full of green to enjoy these stores—the best beauty shops in Woodfield welcome everyone!

  1. Lush

    The scents, colors, and smells when you first enter Lush can be overwhelming, but it’s well worth the trip inside. In 1995, Lush hit the beauty scene with a bang by effectively marketing their all-natural, environmentally-friendly products. They even have an ethics team dedicated entirely to ensuring their ingredients are sourced from humane working conditions. The market for Lush products continues to grow as more and more people look to include a little fun in their daily cleansing rituals. From shower jellies to explosive, colorful bath bombs, this store is a must-visit at Woodfield. We recommend trying the charity pot—employees of Lush swear by its ultra-moisturizing properties and light floral scent, and it also helps that 100% of the proceeds from this product go to selected grassroots organizations.

  2. Morphe

    You’ll hear this brand spoken about with hushed reverence by makeup enthusiasts, but what is it about Morphe that makes beauty blenders tremble? Morphe is known first and foremost for making some of the best makeup brushes in the business, used frequently by celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus. But the real magic lies in their 35-pan, highly-pigmented eyeshadow palettes. In fact, Morphe has collaborated with YouTube giants such as Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. For creating such quality pigments, the palettes are surprisingly affordable at a fraction of the cost of high-end brushes and eyeshadows. You and your wallet may need to have a conversation about splurging at Morphe!

  3. Sephora

    You can’t go wrong with a trip to this national makeup retailer. Sephora is popular because they carry just about everything related to skin care and self-love—makeup, perfumes, hair products, moisturizers, face washes, etc. They have their own Sephora brand items if you’re looking for inexpensive yet effective products, but they also carry favorite brands such as Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Laura Mercier, Drunk Elephant, and Tarte.

  4. NYX

    Quality formulas at drugstore prices are the foundation of NYX’s success. With first major retailer ULTA, NYX’s sales soared and more fashion-minded but wallet-conscious women (and men!) flocked to the retailer. Products like Nyx’s soft matte lip cream sold so quickly that the brand now reports one tube sells about every 4 seconds. As people took to social media, NYX blew up and continues to be a mainstay in most people’s makeup collections.

  5. Kiehl’s

    Kiehl’s skincare has been around since 1851 when John Kiehl opened a homeopathic pharmacy in New York. Today, Kiehl’s is a go-to for celebrities and others who care deeply about reliable and luxurious skincare. Some of their most well-known and beloved products include the daily Reviving Concentrate, which sells for a steep $120. The Ultra Facial Cleanser is a lot more affordable and nourishes your skin with Vitamin E and avocado oil.
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