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Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Business Sign

Many believe that the first impression from businesses often comes from their customer service, but it’s the signage. If your sign isn’t attractive and compelling, you’ll never get the chance to even demonstrate your customer service. This article introduces some tips for creating an eye-catching business sign.

Choose a Color

Color is one of the many things people react to. There are specific colors that many of us recognize immediately. Think about the McDonald’s yellow, Coca Cola red, or Starbucks green. One of the best sign options to incorporate vibrant color is a neon sign. There are a number of benefits to neon signs. For example, they have a classic look and they’re highly visible.

Stay Simple

Less is always more in design, so it’s encouraged to keep your design clean and simple. If the signage is cluttered, most people wouldn’t understand or remember the message. In addition, it’s critical to have an easy to read font, and if this is an outdoor sign, the font should be much larger. If you stand across the street or hall and you have to squint to read it, your customers probably have to also.

Stay Consistent

With color and design, it’s also important to maintain consistency throughout your branding. Going back to our previous examples, when you walk into any McDonald’s or Starbucks location, they’re mostly the same. Sure, each location has it’s own style, but the general theme remains similar. This is a critical tip for creating an eye-catching business sign because people will begin noticing the consistency if you have multiple locations. It’s even better if you maintain the consistency on your website and social media pages as well.

Keep it Concise

Your sign shouldn’t be your only advertising channel. The sign lets customers know who you are and what you do, so don’t cram sale information—or why you’re better than your competitors—on your sign. State your name, a slogan if you have one, and move on. To reiterate, if there’s too much going on with the sign, your message will be lost because customers won’t know what to focus on.

Have a Logo

Lastly, an additional touch to help people remember you is designing a logo. McDonald’s has had its iconic yellow for decades because it works. They remained consistent throughout their business, and it gave them an unshakable identity in the customer’s eyes. To reiterate the value of simplicity, we can look at Apple. Almost nowhere on any of their stores, website, or packaging does anything say Apple, it’s just their logo.
There’s a lot of strategy and psychology behind why consumers react the way to do to some brands and their signs. A sign doesn’t need to be busy and flashy, so stick to these tips as you design yours.
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