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Activities for Your Next IKEA Date Night

IKEA is more than a shopping experience. It’s not your average big box store that you can duck into for a gallon of milk before hurrying out again. It’s something you mark on your calendar, making sure to budget out an adequate amount of time. Considering the many activities the store has to offer, you may want to visit it the next time you take your significant other for an exciting night out. To help you out, we’ve created an itinerary for your next IKEA date night.

1. Bring a Map

You may think that your navigation app has made the paper map obsolete, but the old tool still has its uses. IKEA often borrows names for its furniture from real places—for example, their carpets are named for locations in Denmark, while their dining sets are named after spots in Finland. Bring along a couple of maps and see if you can pinpoint the areas for which the furniture is named.

2. Have a Scavenger Hunt

It takes a while to get through IKEA, especially when you’re seeking out specific objects. Look through an IKEA catalogue and try to hunt down certain pieces of furniture that you see in the book. Don’t ask employees for directions, of course—that would be cheating.

3. Start a Cooking Show

When you gaze upon all the clean counters and shiny utensils, you’ll feel like Rachael Ray at Christmastime. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on a cooking show, now’s the time to find out. Bust out the smartphone and make a short video showcasing your best TV host personality. Who knows—maybe a talent agent will be shopping not only for a mixing bowl, but also for their next hit.

4. Have a Romantic Dinne

IKEA is synonymous with meatballs, but the store offers other delicious treats as well. Set out that fake candle and treat your date to a romantic dinner they won’t forget. Make it a lavish meal with several courses ranging from shrimp to apple cake. Wait to eat until you’ve built up an appetite from all the shopping. A good meal is the perfect way to end a perfect date.
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