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6 Summer Fashion Trends at the Woodfield Mall

Recent runway shows rolled out this summer’s fashion trends. This year we see retro looks make a modern reappearance, as well as light, airy fashion staples. This article will explore these fashion trends and where to find them—the Woodfield Mall will be your one-stop shop to build your summer wardrobe.

1. Shoulder Bags

The fanny pack, after a short-lived resurgence, was quickly pushed out of the limelight by the shoulder bag. Compact and stylish, these bags are easy to carry and can go with just about anything. For a solid-colored shoulder bag, Fossil has an assortment of options. Many of their bags also come with a removable shoulder strap to make your bag versatile and current.

2. Puffy Shoulders

The 80’s called, and they want you to have their puffy sleeves. Dresses with simple cuts and dramatic sleeves are all the rage right now, appealing to high-fashion consumers. Akira features runway-style statement pieces, so they’ve jumped on the puffy sleeve trend. While you’re there, check out a pair of chunky heeled sandals to complete the look.

3. Linen Trousers

High waisted linen trousers are comfortable and fashionable. They adorn mannequins everywhere, though stores may have a difficult time keeping them on the rack. Mustard is the color of the season, and Forever 21 is always aware of what’s in. Stop in to pick up a pair of summer’s favorite pants in summer’s favorite color.

4. Scrunchies

Dramatic hair ties are in vogue right now, so you’re sure to see them everywhere. Either with scrunchies or large ribbons, your ponytail will be noticeable from all angles. Charming Charlie is everyone’s favorite color-coordinated haven, and they carry an assortment of colorful hair accessories.

5. Solid-Colored Staples

We’re seeing a lot of bold colors this summer, especially neon. People dressing head to toe in eye catching outfits are sure to brighten even the dreariest days. New York and Company is an excellent resource for your basic fashion staples—with a variety of colors, you only need a few pieces to create a variety of looks.

6. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats made their way into this year’s summer trends, and it isn’t uncommon to see one paired with a loose-fitting button down with cuffed jeans or a summer dress. Lord & Taylor has caught onto their popularity and offers them in several styles. If you want at least one “it” item this summer, the bucket hat is the one to get.

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