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5 of the Best Beauty Shops in Woodfield | Shop Schaumburg

You don’t need to have an extravagant taste or a wallet full of green to enjoy these stores—the best beauty shops in Woodfield welcome everyone!

  1. Lush

    The scents, colors, and smells when you first enter Lush can be overwhelming, but it’s well worth the trip inside. In 1995, Lush hit the beauty scene with a bang by effectively marketing their all-natural, environmentally-friendly products. They even have an ethics team dedicated entirely to ensuring their ingredients are sourced from humane working conditions. The market for Lush products continues to grow as more and more people look to include a little fun in their daily cleansing rituals. From shower jellies to explosive, colorful bath bombs, this store is a must-visit at Woodfield. We recommend trying the charity pot—employees of Lush swear by its ultra-moisturizing properties and light floral scent, and it also helps that 100% of the proceeds from this product go to selected grassroots organizations.

  2. Morphe

    You’ll hear this brand spoken about with hushed reverence by makeup enthusiasts, but what is it about Morphe that makes beauty blenders tremble? Morphe is known first and foremost for making some of the best makeup brushes in the business, used frequently by celebrity makeup artists and beauty gurus. But the real magic lies in their 35-pan, highly-pigmented eyeshadow palettes. In fact, Morphe has collaborated with YouTube giants such as Jaclyn Hill and James Charles. For creating such quality pigments, the palettes are surprisingly affordable at a fraction of the cost of high-end brushes and eyeshadows. You and your wallet may need to have a conversation about splurging at Morphe!

  3. Sephora

    You can’t go wrong with a trip to this national makeup retailer. Sephora is popular because they carry just about everything related to skin care and self-love—makeup, perfumes, hair products, moisturizers, face washes, etc. They have their own Sephora brand items if you’re looking for inexpensive yet effective products, but they also carry favorite brands such as Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Laura Mercier, Drunk Elephant, and Tarte.

  4. NYX

    Quality formulas at drugstore prices are the foundation of NYX’s success. With first major retailer ULTA, NYX’s sales soared and more fashion-minded but wallet-conscious women (and men!) flocked to the retailer. Products like Nyx’s soft matte lip cream sold so quickly that the brand now reports one tube sells about every 4 seconds. As people took to social media, NYX blew up and continues to be a mainstay in most people’s makeup collections.

  5. Kiehl’s

    Kiehl’s skincare has been around since 1851 when John Kiehl opened a homeopathic pharmacy in New York. Today, Kiehl’s is a go-to for celebrities and others who care deeply about reliable and luxurious skincare. Some of their most well-known and beloved products include the daily Reviving Concentrate, which sells for a steep $120. The Ultra Facial Cleanser is a lot more affordable and nourishes your skin with Vitamin E and avocado oil.
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