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4 of the Best Parks Surrounding Woodfield

As warm weather approaches at last, it’s time to unpack the spring jackets and tennis shoes. Whether you like to visit parks for exercise or simply to enjoy the serenity of the crisp outdoor air, your mind and body are sure to be rejuvenated after a trip to the park. There are a variety of parks surrounding Woodfield that warrant a visit; listed are a few stand-outs.

1. Veteran’s Gateway Park

This half-acre park was created in honor of all the individuals who have served in the U.S. military. The gateway features a clock tower surrounded by flags, benches, memorial quotations, and beautiful plants. The park is within walking distance of the Schaumburg Town Square, so visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone from a nearby shop while they enjoy a short reprieve from life’s daily bustle.

2. Volkening Heritage Farm

Volkening Heritage Farm is a charming, educational experience. The park is modeled after the farms of the 1880s, when Schaumburg was still a German farming community. Staff members wear period-appropriate clothing and offer visitors the option to help them with farm chores. Guests can also visit the livestock or simply walk the grounds and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

3. Bison’s Bluff Nature Playground

This unique park in Schaumburg is a hit with children of all ages. The grounds include slides, rock climbing walls, a treehouse-style fort, and tunnels, among other attractions. The park also features hiking trails for you and your children to enjoy as well as several streams and other water-related attractions—sandals are advised.

4. Volkening Lake

If you enjoy working out, Volkening Lake has a beautiful outdoor fitness area featuring exercise equipment you can use while enjoying a stunning view of the lake. Small boats are welcome on the lake as long as all boaters wear life jackets. Whether you want to picnic, fish, or sit and read a book, Volkening Lake offers a breathtaking background for your favorite activity.
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