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Ghost Malls Featured in Photo Essays and Book: Black Friday – The collapse of the American Shopping Mall

Randall Park Mall, when it opened in 1976, was the “world’s largest shopping center” boasting 2 million square feet of retail space. North Randall’s population was 1,500 and the mall’s employee population was 5,000. After decades of decline the mall was officially closed in March 2009. Developer Edward De Bartolo built the mall on the site of the Randall Race Track in the village of North Randall, Ohio.

Black Friday – The collapse of the American Shopping Mall, is published by activist and photographer Seph Lawless. The book documents abandoned shopping malls in Ohio.

Seph Lawless (pseudonym) explores abandoned spaces -- documenting their imminent collapse. In a previous work from 2012, Lawless set out across the United States to photograph the “most broken parts of America.” He came back with approximately 3,000 images and 17 hours of video footage, and published a book, Autopsy of America.

The ghostly images were also featured on a Weather.com Seph Lawless feature article -- complete with explanations about how weather affects abandoned buildings left to rot (VIDEO ... )

Join meteorologist Nick Wiltgen as he explains the impacts weather has on buildings that are no longer in use. We visit Central State Hospital in Georgia where several buildings have been left to rot.

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