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VIDEO IM5 at Woodfield Mall Saturday; Warning Screaming Teen Girls; Touchdown, Heartless

[FANCAM] IM5 - Touchdown.

IM5 is boy band is comprised of band members Cole Pendery, Dalton Rapattoni , Dana Vaughns, Gabe Morales and Will Jay. The group fuses together hook driven pop melodies, authentic vocal harmonies, and full blown dance routines.

The band was founded by "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller, media icon Perez Hilton and acclaimed tour director Jamie King after the band was discovered on a national talent search which began in 2011.

IM5 "Heartless" (Official Music Video).

[FANCAM] IM5 teaching choreography of "Touchdown."

"Touchdown Dance" - IM5 (Official Music Video).

[FANCAM] IM5 - Go.

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