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Former Entourage Building on American Lane Just West of Meacham May Soon Be David Burke's Grillhouse

Outside of the former Entourage, the building looks like it would be one fantastic dance club. The architecture has a multi-faceted style. In an earlier era this building might have been re-born as three dance clubs in one. Imagine disco on one floor, Chicago house music on another floor, and take your pick -- country? pop? eighties? barn dance? mardi gras? or a variety on different nights for the third dance floor. A multi-themed dance club, with perhaps even multi-managed or multi-owned sections, could operate following the footsteps of The Great Indoors, which became a PGA Tour Superstore and and an Xsport Fitness.

Instead, another intriguing restaurant may open with involvement of celebrity chef David Burke. The Schaumburg location at 1301 American Lane would be a separate operation from David Burke's Primehouse in The James Hotel at Rush and Ontario in Chicago (616 North Rush Street) according to Daily Herald's Eric Peterson.

Entourage closed in August 2010 after trying to survive a declining economy. David Burke’s Primehouse opened in 2006 -- about the same time Entourage opened.

The location is west of Woodfield Mall and just of the Weber Grill restaurant.

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